WEBLEY EXOCET .This is a new break barrel rifle, high tech successor to the Excel in both .177 and .22. available as either standard or carbine. It produces power right up to the 12 ft.lbs legal limit, incorporates a new 2 stage trigger and a ambidextrous stock. Code 1487. Price £194.95

WEBLEY LONGBOW. A truly superp addition to the webley range of rifles. The Longbow features a Lothar Walther barrel threaded and fitted with a muzzel brake which can be removed and fitted with a silencer.The rifle also boasts a automatic ressetable safty catch and Venom 2 stage adjustable trigger.Shown with a beech stock.Scope not included.

The same specification but fitted with a Walnut stock, both rifles come with Webleys 3 year warranty. Scope not included.
WEBLEY STINGRAY The new Stingray is the successor to the Vulcan and is available in .177 and.22 in either full length barrel or carbine. It is a full power 12 ft.lbs rifle with a beautiful ambidextrous full length custom style stock. The action combines a new adjustable 2 stage trigger, redesigned sleek rear end to the cylinder tube, adjustable fore-end jaws and a wedge type barrel lock for consistent barrel lockup.It is fitter with a custom vented muzzle weight which screws off allowing the fitting of a silencer. Code 1488 Price £249.00
WEBLEY TOMAHAWK Webley's first all new break-barrel air rifle for 12 years incorporates many new ideas and tested features, all of which combine to make a dream hunting rifle. The Tomahawk featured a beautiful ambidextrous custom stock styled by Venom in either Beech or Walnut. It also features an auto-safety which can be reset, a custom ported muzzle weight which is threaded to accept a silencer and an all new 2 stage trigger system. With adjustable fore-end jaws and a super smooth 12ft.lbs which is upgradeable to a F.A.C. version ( on production of a valid licence ) this is a must for any serious hunter to consider. Code 668. Price £220.00
WEBLEY RAIDER Precision manufactured on state of the art CNC machines, this new precharged airgun brings to the airgunner many of the features of the best precharged rifles but at an amazingly low price. Features include an ambidextrous custom designed stock, either single or 2 shot versions available with treaded barrel for a silencer. The 2 shot version has rapid bolt action cocking and reload system for a lightening fast follow up shot. Both come with a quick fill adapter and a filler plug fitted. Code 1806. Single shot Price£299.00 . 2 shot Price £345.00 Scope not included
WEBLEY FX2000 The new FX2000 incorporates a host of up to the minute features for ease of use and absolute accuracy, it is also exceedingly good looking, light in weight and a real delight to shoot. It features a 8 shot rotary magazine with bolt action cocking and loading and is fitted with either a .177 or .22 match quality Lother Walther choked barrel threaded for a silencer. It has a 2 stage trigger, an integral pressure gauge, and a quick fill adapter. It comes in full length or carbine. Code 1463 . Full Beech Price£455.00 .Full Walnut Price£479.00 .Code 642. Carbine Beech Price£465.00 . Carbine Walnut Price £489.00. Scope not included.
FX2000 Carbine has all the features of the above but in a compact design. Scope not included.
The new Spectre is a super lightweight rifle with a 8 shot magazine and super fast Biathlon style cocking lever. It has a threaded barrel for fitting a silencer. Scope not included.

The Tempest is the latest version of the original barrel over cylinder design that made Webley pistols world famous. Rugged and compact with adjustable rearsight and authentic recoil the Tempest is ideal for general target shooting and firearm training.
Code 1106 Price

The Webley Hurricane incorporates a micro adjustable rearsight which may be replaced with the scope bracket supplied (scope optional). Code Price

The Nemesis is equally at home shooting targets on the lOm range or tin cans, the totally recoilless action of this single stroke pneumatic pistol allows for superb accuracy. Available in Black or Satin, the Nemesis consistently out-performs your expectations. Code 494 Price £124.95